Ensure your strategic projects are delivered on time and on budget

Yield Tactics offer project management, distribution, and IT advisory services to digitalize your business, increase customer satisfaction, improve your digital presence, decrease your costs of sales, optimize your distribution channels, and multiply your merchandising and ancillaries’ capabilities. We help you digitalize your business and revenue management functions.

Success of an IT or organizational project lays in smooth two-way communication and effective project management skills. To get the full value of your information technology projects, your organization requires first of all effective project management skills.

Yield Tactics tailors its project management offering to your needs: our Senior Consultants can assist your project management team with best practices, lead your programs as a project managers, and equip your organization with Project Management Office (PMO), documentation and processes.

Each project is unique. You can use Yield Tactics’ senior consultants to inject punctually the skills and resources you need, or to lead your projects on full or part-time basis. When reporting directly with the project sponsor and vice president levels, we provide a clear picture of the project progress and recover strategic projects that have run into difficulty.

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants also perform independent audits to assess whether you are getting the most out of your systems and internal processes: are there redundancies between systems or services, cost-saving opportunities rationalizing work flows, better services you can provide to your customers with existing resources, or opportunities to benchmark, outsource or renegotiate terms with your suppliers?

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Our services for travel tech companies and startups

Yield Tactics proposes a wide range of service types that can be combined in order to create a tailored solution that perfectly fits your tech company’s business needs, budget and ROI requirements.


With 15 years’ average experience working for travel companies of various sizes on 4 continents, Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants have experienced in their careers most of the pricing, commercial and revenue management challenges travel companies have been facing. Thanks to their strong IT project management background, our Senior Consultants are fully operational for consultancy. They have the agility to propose solutions that fit your commercial organization structure and budget.

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When you have challenging business decision to make, Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants are available for advisory services on an ad hoc basis, as a long-term partnership plan, or as part of a specific project.

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Yield Tactics’ services include classroom and e-learning courses. Our customized training solutions are tailored to your business needs in order to fit your business challenges, internal policies, and geographical area.

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Coaching & mentoring

When teams struggle with performance, coaching is a powerful tool with extremely high ROI. Conducted online through video calls over a long period of time, Yield Tactics coaching services improve the soft skills and mindset of your teams who are running into difficulty, meeting all the demands of their position, and empowering them to be comfortable and effective in highly demanding work environments.

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How to engage with Yield Tactics

By including Yield Tactics in all your RFI and RFP, you are ensured to receive in a short time a solution proposal tailored to your needs that will deliver predictable and timely business results.

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants carefully study all business solicitations and respond positively to those that are a good fit for the skills of our available consultants. They particularly excel in delivering high return on investment for short-duration projects, combining smartly on-site and remote presence. In addition to your core requirements, we can propose a remote preparation work package, as well as implementation follow-up, coaching and post-service health check.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is through one of our continental points of contact to book a scheduled video call at your earliest convenience with an Airline Tactics Senior Consultant who will take the necessary time to understand your business requirements. You can also send us your RFI or RFP directly by email.

Once your requirements are communicated to Yield Tactics, you will receive a business partnership proposal within 2 to 5 business days.

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Facing a challenge? Willing to seize this business opportunity?

Discuss your needs with a Senior Consultant on a video call

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