Become a Yield Tactics Senior Consultant

2020 was a terrible year for the travel and tourism industry. We are looking for agile professionals who are able to see the current COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity and are ready to take advantage of the situation.

Solving the world’s travel and transportation companies’ challenges requires agility, dedication, and strong data analytics capabilities. Working for Yield Tactics is all about going beyond concepts to design solutions and implement meaningful actions that drive revenue. We are unlocking the potential of our clients using proven consultancy methods that work for companies with a yield-based business model approach. What’s great working for Yield Tactics is the quality of missions for which, as a Senior Consultant, you can propose and follow the execution of recommendations that truly benefit travel companies.

What you need to know before applying as a consultant

The benefits of working for Yield Tactics

Requirements for Yield Tactics Senior Consultants

How to apply


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